Attention Shooter Account Holders...

The Covid-19 Pandemic has required our company to drastically change various services previously offered. One impact is to our shooter account area. It is currently unavailable.

THIS DOES NOT AFFECT NSCA MEMBERS FROM REGISTERING FOR A TOURNAMENT. This impact only affects H Class Shooters who DO NOT HAVE AN NSCA NUMBER. If you are an NSCA active member then you DO NOT need an account in this system. You can still register for tournaments directly by entering your NSCA number on the tournament registration page. So simply click the button to register, enter your NSCA number follow the steps to register for any tournament.

If you are a NON-NSCA member (H Class) shooter then you MUST contact the club and have one of their tournament managers register you for the tournament. Unforunately we are not able to allow you to create an account in our system at this time.

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